15 Best Home Improvement Blogs to Follow

Home improvement is our business, so we know a thing or two about the industry. We’re also avid DIYers – some of us here are big time weekend warriors! We know how hard it can be to get inspiration and  good advice.

Here is our curated list of the 15 best home improvement blogs with a track record of amazing projects and dedicated followings.

1. Young House Love

Sherry and John live in Virginia, and are passionate about transforming homes and blogging about it! They started the blog over 10 years ago and have since done thousands of DIY projects, written books, and started a podcast. These two know their stuff, of course, but what we really love is that their blog is full of beautiful images, helpful tips, and projects you can try out yourself – like their great post on Facebook about how to restore old wood to top shape.



2. Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany is a licensed contractor and designer who loves doing things her own way. Over the years, she and her husband have updated their home in North Carolina, and have discovered that they usually do a better job than their contractors! Brittany hopes to empower others to tackle challenges in their home and their life, just like she does. She also cares about maintaining and restoring historic homes in her neighborhood – you can follow along with her progress saving ‘Ella’ – a historic home – on her Facebook page.



3. DIY Huntress

Fun fact about Sam who runs the DIY Huntress:  in addition to being a great DIY-er, is also a PhD candidate in school psychology! Growing up, Sam worked with her dad on DIY projects around the house, and fell in love. That experience, in addition to being a student on a budget – led Sam to create her blog and help others. She’s been able to create some amazing pieces, like an awesome marbled concrete serving tray, which you can check out on her page.


4. Designer Trapped

Designer Trapped is run by Tasha, who is a retired civil litigation attorney! She is passionate about design and home improvement – especially on a budget. Tasha and her family recently moved into a real fixer-upper, and she has used the blog to document their home improvement progress. Tasha makes sure to keep her social media pages updated with lots of images of the before and after projects!



5. Grandma’s House DIY

Tarah was raised in northern Minnesota, and had a passion for renovation and DIY from an early age. After a series of setbacks and personal loses, Tarah was able to find herself again through working on her Grandmother’s 100 year old farmhouse. She has dedicated her blog to showing that anyone can do anything and overcome any obstacle with hard work and with the help of good friends and family. Tarah documents some amazing transformations, gives helpful tips and tutorials, and will really inspire you to take on that renovation project you’ve been putting off! See some of her recent work on her social media pages.

6. Our Fifth Hous

Our Fifth (now sixth!) House is run by Carmel, a self-described “hardcore do-it-yourselfer.” She wants to show that home improvement can be fun and not complicated, that you can tackle most things as long as you have a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn! She focuses a lot on quick, under-an-hour DIY projects because small changes can make big differences. Be sure to follow her on social media to see all her projects, family pictures, and home improvement tips!

7. Curbl

Curbly is a DIY community for home improvement. The creators mission was to make sure everyone had a happy, beautiful home that they could feel proud of. With the right tools and knowledge, people can create a space their fits their lifestyle and personality. You can find almost any home improvement resource you need on Curbly’s blog and see some serious design inspo on their Facebook page!


8. Sawdust Girl

Sandra has been in the home improvement business for over 15 years, so she has a ton of experience and knowledge to share through her blog. She learned a lot about design through her time studying interior design in college, and took her passion outside the classroom. She is so dedicated to DIY and empowerment through DIY, that she started coaching others as a way to give back. She regularly posts her improvement progress on social media – so be sure to check her out and get some tips.


9. Remodelaholic

Cassity started the Remodelaholic blog after she and her husband moved into their second home. Working on projects around their new house kept her happy and busy, even with kids around! Cassity tries to do at least one project a day, and records her tips and tricks as she goes. She is also passionate about making fun spaces for her kids – and you can see some of her ideas on her Facebook page!

10. Vintage Revival

Mandi is on a mission to teach people to transform their homes into a space that is truly theirs. She was able to discover her own style and skill through documenting projects on the blog. Mandi goes big on all her DIY improvements – no small projects there, but she makes sure to have clear tutorials so others can easily follow along. Check out her beautifully curated social media page to stay in the know!



11. Centsational Girl

Kate Riley hails from North Carolina and is a bargain hunter, designer, renovator, and DIYer! She’s got a serious eye for style and renovation, and her motto “fabulous, for less” really defines any projects she undertakes. She’s the queen of smart home improvement and creative DIY projects, transforming any and all spaces. Kate has been featured on DIY Magazine, HGTV Magazine, This Old House Magazine, along with many others! She regularly posts tips and blog posts on her Facebook page – so you’ll never miss a thing.


12. Plaster and Disaster

Naomi and Sage are two friends who live in Boston and share a love of DIY and home improvement. They started their blog to document their adventures as first time homeowners (they live separately, with their significant others). They may be a little competitive, but that just makes it all the more fun!


13. 320 Sycamore

Melissa is a stay at home mom who loves to find the possibilities of what you can make with limited time and budget. She is passionate about bringing out the charm and potential of run-down homes, and giving new life to old things by rehabilitating them through DIY projects. She shares the before and after of her projects and improvements on her blog, and her favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life!

Monica Wants it is a blog dedicated to all the beautiful things the author, Monica, wants! She strives for a fabulous life and home, but on a budget.

14. Monica Wants It

Monica Wants it is a blog dedicated to all the beautiful things the author, Monica, wants! She strives for a fabulous life and home, but on a budget. Monica shares her tips and tutorials for leading her “fabulously frugal life.” Monica is University of Texas Austin grad, and her ‘official’ role is as the Director of Marketing and Public relations for a local college. The work from her blog has been featured on HGTV, Apartment Therapy, and more! She shares a lot of her work, along with videos and tutorials on her Facebook page.

Kent Griswold developed the Tiny House Blog out of the love he has for small living spaces.

15. Tiny House Blog

Kent Griswold developed the Tiny House Blog out of the love he has for small living spaces. Tiny houses have gained a lot of interest and attention over the past few years, as people have started to see the value in downsizing. Kent uses his blog to show all the options available for people looking to downsize into a tiny home. Kent also publishes the Tiny House Magazine, which started in 2013. Check out the adorable and informative Tiny House Blog on their Facebook page!

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