Best Interior Design Software Tools You Should Know

Everything we see has become digital and interior designing isn’t excluded. It is necessary for every Engineer who is starting their career to be aware of a couple of computer-aided design (CAD) tools for designing and planning the interiors. the hand-drawn designs are not preferred anymore.  Designing using the design software tools is very easy rather than designs that are drawn by hand. The design software enables designers to perform many iterations, redesigns, and better visualization and ideas. Here is a list of CAD software tools that employers expect their designers to be accustomed to. Check out the cad software list below.


the software tool was previously known as Google from 2006 to 2012 under Google’s ownership. This is a very popular 3D modeling software that is the basic software you can begin with. The platform is very easy to learn and interface. It is also available in two versions- the free version and the paid version. The best feature is it also comes with an online open-source library that consists of free 3D warehouses and allows you to use third-party plugins to have better functionality of the software. The software, however, doesn’t allow you to perform complex designs.

2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

Max is also another popular CAD software that is easy to learn and has simple functions. This software is used by professional interior designers as well as the interior design students. The software offers many functions and plugin architecture that is flexible and supports applications by the third party. There are many study materials and videos available on the internet making 3Ds Max much more easy to learn.

3. Autodesk Autocad

Autocad is essential software for all the designers. This is more complex than the above two software tools mentioned. It is also difficult to use for interior design. Check out the cad software list. Irrespective of its complexity, this cad software is very popular and is used by all the interior designers and architecture engineers. It produces realistic details and tools that are very productive. It also offers excellent 3D animation tools and gives you realistic visualizations of your design plan.

4. Autodesk Revit

is another product of Autodesk and has been launched especially for interior designers and architects. It is by nature highly technical and enables you to design for buildings and constructions. Thus the users will be able to construct buildings and models digitally with an approach that is both coordinated and model-based.

The above are a few from the list of a few of the cad software tools. There are many more that are available as per your experience level and work need. Check out the cad software list for improved design building and visualizations.

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